India: Donkeys given awards in Bangalore

Donkey crossing a river in IndiaPolitician Vatal Nagaraj says he will honour animals every month, starting with donkeys

An Indian politician has honoured two donkeys for their hard work and loyalty, it’s been reported.

The animals were presented with awards in the southern city of Bangalore by Vatal Nagaraj, who heads a regional political party, the NDTV website reports. „I have decided to honour all domestic animals like donkeys, dogs, buffaloes, cows and oxen, as they are more loyal than human beings, hard-working, disciplined and obedient,“ says Mr Nagaraj, who showered the animals with rose petals during the event. Dressed up in shawls and colourful beads for their moment in the spotlight, the donkeys caused some amusement among observers…

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