Re-homing ex-battery hens

Re-homing ex-battery hens Giving a free range home to ex-battery hens is enormously
rewarding, they make great pets and soon become part of the
family. Knowing where your eggs come from and the reward
of providing happy homes for these hard working girls makes
re-homing an extremely rewarding experience.
Ex-battery and ex-barn hens will soon settle into their new
lives and are easy to look after. They tend to be friendly and
confident, once they have settled in to their new home and are
used to regular handling, but there are a few specifics to bear
in mind when settling them in.
What to expect
Farm life will have been very different to the life you introduce
your hens to and an adjustment period is to be expected.
Physical Appearance
Some newly re-homed ex-battery hens may be unsteady on
their legs and underweight.They tend to have pale…

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