‚Alien-Like Creature‘ From Tragic Viral Video Has Been Rescued

By Stephen Messenger

An endangered bear with a mysterious illness has been found and rescued more than two months after footage of the „alien-like“ animal went viral online.

„The bear is in a good and safe place,“ Nickson Robi, from the Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC), told The Dodo. „She has eaten the food and drank the water we gave. But she still is hairless and sick, and we need to find out what the sickness is.“

YouTube/The Borneo Post SEEDSThe „strange“ animal was first spotted in late January by a group of plantation workers near the village of Sibu in Borneo. Uncertain of what she was, the workers reportedly hit her with sticks, driving her back into the forest.

A video showing the animal fleeing her attackers has been viewed online nearly…

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